Simple yet beautiful looking Low Poly Style Bombs and High Explosive Meshes
War, crafted your way!
Will you survive or the E.N.D be your last dying breath?
Quick, Santa's Toy Machine Broke! Help him get rid of all the presents before the room fills up!
Race your Titanic Boat to rescue swimmers and compete for the best score but, watch out for those Icebergs!
Beautiful yet simple project or game ready props.
Build a game with a custom farmer's market stall or business!
An amazingly realistic simple low poly amazing printer model.
Here are some nice looking fantasy or rpg weapons and items that is perfect for any game project.
A custom textured low poly Revolver Weapon|Gun for usage in your 3D Game or Project
A super low poly pack of boxy or minecraft-like 3D Pixel Trees for games and more!
A very cozy little low-poly row boat with paddles.
A super low poly table and vase set for any project occasion.
A super low poly master bedroom set that's perfect for games or any project!
​LP Easy Landscape Assets Pack lowpoly 3d models ready for game creation!
Here's a very low poly Classic Alarm clock with an old nostalgic appearance.
Alien Invader is a detailed UFO Cow Stealer invading farms.
A very simple stylish low poly toilet.
Just a simple fun low poly fishbowl.
This 3d bomb model is bound to blow stuff up in your projects!
Here's a Free Pixel Tree if you like boxy or minecraft stuff for your projects!
A very simple and stylish low poly trashcan prop.