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Planned October 2018 with 1 Week Early Access to Backers whom pre-order and support the game between now and its launch!


You are Asher Willson, a young adult and for awhile there life seemed pretty good to you for the most part.  Growing up in a small town most your lifetime kept things fairly easy going.  But, as time went on your troubled history caught up with you. Trying to ignore the past you grew angry and annoyed with the growing amount of cruelty with other people thrived upon around you somehow.  Eventually, you decided to leave your small town life behind to explore beyond where you set out to look for something better.  Packing up your things, you hauled off in your old run down-looking car down heading off down the road for several miles.

For awhile there it was quiet, calm, things seemed fine as they were. That was until you discovered history had a way of repeating itself..

Your car broke down leaving you stranded in the middle of freaking nowhere! Crap, now what are you going to do?!

A few hours went by waiting awhile for someone to pass you by but, no one came. You popped the hood of your car in an attempt to fix it, when out of the blue a strange scream cried out from the woods to the south behind you. Turning around, you noticed a strange deserted path that you could've swore wasn't there a minute ago.

Scratching your head, against your better judgement you decided to head down through the treeline to see if someone needed help or better yet to see if you could get help with your car as you found yourself wondering along a path in a rather strange forest of somewhat decayed trees. 

Looking around, you somehow found yourself trapped. Upon entry you realized the treeline was closing in behind you. Oddly, you can't seem to remember how you got there when you spotted a sign ahead pointing to a rather creepy looking cabin on the horizon.

A chill begins to creep down your spine. “Something feels very wrong about this place”, you think to yourself.  At the front, you notice the Cabin’s door is busted down. A warning painted in blood before the doorway starring inward as you notice blood is everywhere as if someone or something was just here but all seems quiet, too quiet and you recall hearing Legends about a Cabin that was said to have been destroyed years ago where something Terribly Evil happened..

Do you dare enter to find out what happened or will it become your E.N.D leaving you trapped to die here forever? 


Evil Never Dies (E.N.D) is an enemy wave based survival shooter game. Upon entering the cabin, you unleash a terrible evil that will stop at nothing until you are dead. You are armed with a handgun or so you believe that perhaps scrounging around a bit might help discover a few things to keep you alive. But, truthfully, how long will you last before it becomes your E.N.D? 


  • ENEMY WAVES - fight to survive as long as you can against an increasing amount of difficultly becoming demons that want to rip you to shreds.

  • GUNS GALORE - you're armed with a handgun but if you kill enough demons maybe you can find something better than just one measly gun..

  • UPGRADES - perhaps if you scrounge around you might be able to find something more useful to prepare yourself before more demons arrive.

  •  ALTARS - scrounging around a means to upgrade your gear you notice strange demonic ruins scattered about with three gruesome-looking books to choose from or dare you chance it to see if something good or bad happens.

  • SECRETS & MORE - there will be many secrets to find in the game and additionally depending on how well the game does there are plans to expand on the game with some really cool things to make it even more uniquely interesting!


We're a small Indie Team and we have a very small budget plus we are trying to outsource a few things to speed up development. However, in the midst of all of this we are also trying to not only finish it but we are doing several other things just to survive financially such as working a day job, doing side projects, selling game assets, and such. Doing these things can force us to delay the game and we don't want to do that, we need your help!

By doing a Pre-Orders for game and donating to us you're helping us to ensure the game is developed and ready for the planned release later this year in October 2018!


Anyone who buys the game before our price goes up to $14.99 within roughly a week from now or whom donates at least $10 will receive a FREE STEAM KEY and early access to play the game roughly a week prior to steam release as extra thanks for helping us get the game on steam!


Kade Markoux  (Game Developer)

Jonathan Hurst (Game Developer/Programmer)

Moonwave Audio (Game Audio)


Pre-order Now$4.99 USD or more

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